Specialized Transport Tires

Firestone offers specialty transport tires for a range of routes and service. We know that not every tire is created equal and not every fleet need is the same. We have tires designed for specialized trailers including flat beds, ranker trucks, and single/tandem axel trailers.

    FD690™ PLUS Tire

    The FD690 Plus Tire is recommended for tandem and single drive axle applications in long-haul service, regional-haul service, and pickup and delivery service. Its design helps fight uneven wear and provides traction in wet and dry conditions.
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    FD691™ Tire

    A fuel efficient closed shoulder tandem axle drive tire designed for long- and regional-haul service.
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    FS591™ Tire

    An on-highway all-position radial tire recommended for steering applications in long-haul and regional service.
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    FT491™ Tire

    A radial tire suitable for all-position use but designed for single- and tandem-axle trailer and dolly applications in long haul and regional service.
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    T819™ Tire

    The Firestone T819 Tire is a rugged all-position radial tire for steer, drive and trailer positions in on-/off-highway service. Designed with durability in mind, this truck and bus tire is manufactured for longevity and retreadability, damage resistance, and delivering a smooth ride.
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    T831™ Tire

    With its aggressive lug pattern and extra-deep tread, the Bridgestone T831 Tire is built to withstand the conditions of extreme service in specialized transport and on-/off-highway applications. The cut-resistant tread compounds help prevent damage for improved tire longevity.
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